Why most people (but not YOU) are failing at their spiritual practice

2+2We all know that 2+2=4. So when you go the store and purchase 2 items that cost $2 each you remember that (or do the math in your head in the moment, cuz that’s how you roll) and you don’t pay $5 for it (assuming the tax isn’t 25%).

Knowledge doesn’t mean a whole lot if you don’t apply it.

  • You KNOW that meditation makes you feel better, but you don’t do it every day.
  • You KNOW that when someone insults you it says nothing about you, but you get insulted anyway.
  • You KNOW that we are all one, but you feel isolated and alone.
  • You KNOW that resistance is futile, but you resist, argue, hide, and push anyway.
  • Etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum….

What if you (I mean THEY) actually APPLIED what you know?

What if you They stopped playing out patterns that don’t support your happiness?

What if YOU stopped pretending to be spiritual and actually lived it?

How would that change your life?