What you believe about yourself…

thoughts-of-selfThere’s a popular teaching in spiritual circles that what you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside.  While there is SOME truth to this, it is absolutely NOT an absolute Truth.

Most of my life I believed I was unlovable. Yet when I look back, I see that I have been loved my entire life.  Now… it is true that I created the FEELING of loneliness, but the reality is that I was never alone.

Most of my adult life, I believed I was poor. Yet somehow I almost ALWAYS had the money to pay rent, bills and eat. Even when I found myself “homeless”, I still was able to secure shelter until I could find a new apartment. I believed I was poor, but I always had food to eat.  I believed I was poor, but I always had clothes on my back.

I also believed that I had nothing to contribute to the world. A few years ago I ended up reconnecting with several people from my past who shared with me what a deep and lasting positive impact I had in their lives.

My beliefs about myself DID NOT manifest on the outside. They only APPEARED to, and only to me.  The people around me often saw the Truth even when I denied it.

Yes, your self-thoughts have an impact on how you VIEW your life, but they do not automatically become manifest in either a positive OR negative way.

I have known people who truly believed they were “God’s gift” and yet manifested nothing but pain to the people around them. I have known people who were convinced they were millionaires who had to borrow money every month to pay rent.

When you start seeing the TRUTH… when you start being truly aware and awake… then your thoughts suddenly have little impact on what you make manifest in your life.

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Live in Peace,