The Truth about Spiritual Truths

My life completely turned around when I stopped repeating words that I learned before integrating the teaching.  For example, when I learned some new spiritual “truth” I would start sharing it and telling myself how much farther down the path I’d gotten.  I see this all time (especially on Social Media) where people who I know are suffering, judging, hurting, and hating are sharing spiritual stuff as if they are gurus.  I’ve done it myself.

Part of the reason for doing this is because of one of the most prevalent spiritual teachings: Your Words Become Your Reality.  For the pre-enlightened that translates as, “If I say it often enough, it will become true.”

Unfortunately, this is only a partial truth.  There’s a chapter in my book, You to the 10th Power, called FINISH THE SENTENCE.  Well, this, like most spiritual soundbites, is a sentence that needs to be finished.

The complete (maybe?) version of the teaching is:

“The words you truly believe and feel to the core of your soul that you support with physical world actions will become manifest in your reality.”

Saying mantras and affirmations and repeating words you heard from others will not make them come to life.  If that were true, then a satchel filled with $2M would have fallen from the sky into my back yard years ago.  Cuz, yeah… I mantra’d the crap out of that one for literally YEARS.

Oh, I’d also be dead.  Because when I was younger I used to pray and “speak into life” every day to die.  With all my heart I wanted it, I just didn’t want to do it myself because I was afraid of failing. (I was never afraid of death, but pain ain’t my thing.)  I prayed to be hit by an out of control car.  I prayed for my heart to stop.  I prayed to get hit and killed by a stray bullet.  Well, guess what?  It never happened.

You cannot (successfully) sound-bite spiritual truths. Saying them will not make them so.

As a born teacher who really just wants everyone to be happy, it’s hard to watch so many people around me use spiritual words without actually implementing them in practice.  Most people are only in the Kindergarten of spiritual growth, and they stay stuck there because it’s safe and it feels good (or at least slightly better) and the work isn’t hard.

If you truly want to be “spiritual” (and what I really mean is free from suffering), you need to do the hard work. You need to dig deeper. You need to grow by facing the pain in your life and learning how to morph it into something beautiful. Not in theory, but in actuality.  Not just with words, but with action.

Remember, it’s Mind, Body, Spirit. Words are just the beginning.

I love you.

P.S. If you want help to stop suffering, go here.