The Spiritual Truth about Cecil’s killer.

Can you handle the Truth?  Better ask yourself and be honest before you read this.  If you can’t, then walk away and DO NOT READ THIS.  If you think you can handle it, then by all means, read on.

cecilEven though we humans like to consider ourselves superior, we are animals. I don’t mean figuratively in that we sometime “act” like animals. We are, in a very real, medical, physical, actual way, animals.  Even though we are at the top of the food chain, we are still animals.

As it happens, we are animals with the capacity to think, calculate, investigate, figure out, invent and expand our minds in ways that all the other animals on the planet cannot.  And because of this, we think we are “better”.   We are not. We are animals.

As animals we live, for the most part, in a never-ending struggle for survival. When survival isn’t an actual issue, we create situations where it feels like it is. This is because we are animals. For the most part, we wouldn’t know what to do without the struggle for survival, the drama, the war, the fight.

This is why we have movies and other forms of dramatic “entertainment”. It’s because we NEED to have drama in our lives.

This is why we start wars ranging from country vs. country, to community vs. community, to person vs. person. It’s because we NEED to feel like we are winning the fight for survival.

If you don’t understand this simple Truth, then you are bound to live your life in emotional pain.  If you are someone who considers yourself “spiritual” and you don’t understand this simple Truth, you will live your life in excruciating emotional pain.

So what does this have to do with Cecil the lion?

To anyone who is even remotely aware of the most basic spiritual truths, it is so obvious that killing for “sport” is wrong. But just as you have compassion for the injustice of what human being do to each other (and the planet and all its inhabitants), you must understand that we are animals.  This does not excuse or condone the behavior. Even though it may sadden you, you wouldn’t condemn Jericho for killing Cecil’s children because you understand that is how it works in the wild. It’s Nature’s way and Jericho would not be considered  a criminal for doing what comes naturally.

As humans, we are expected to “know better”. We’re smarter, more evolved.

But the Truth is that we aren’t and we don’t “know better”.

While there have been many enlightened teachers on this planet and their teachings have been readily available to the public for centuries, very, very few of us ever reach a truly enlightened state.  We do not love our neighbors as ourselves. We do not refrain from coveting our neighbors possessions. We do not Not Kill. And we sure as shit don’t honor our mothers and fathers.

Why is this? Because we are animals.

Yes, it hurts the heart.  Cecil’s family will mourn his passing, and they will also move on with their lives no matter how the rest of the story plays out.

“Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Of course this doesn’t mean that justice, based on the laws of our societies, should not be executed. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t continue to educate people on the higher spiritual Truths of love, compassion, and support. It certainly doesn’t mean we should condone hateful actions.

Forgiveness is done for US, not for them. Forgiveness allows us to love our neighbors no matter how fucked up they are and no matter how fucked up the things they do.  Even if you vehemently disagree and disapprove.

By not forgiving them, you are hurting only yourself.

We are animals. Sometimes that sucks, but it is the Truth.


David Rosenhaus