Superficial Spirituality

I’m always amazed at the depths we humans go to for the purpose of being superficial.

I realize that the complexity of that sentence will turn 90+% off and they will not read further. That is a shame, because those people will miss out on a very profound observation which will then lead to an even profounder learning.

So the observation that triggered this is rant actually one I’ve posted about on Facebook several times in the last few years: objectification in the name of spirituality, and conversely the avoidance of profound spiritual moments for the sake of superficiality.

Specifically all those memes of pretty, skinny white women in yoga poses or out in a field with some cool new-agey message written under her perfect body or face.  Here is a great post from someone who wrote about it much more eloquently than I could.

I always find it fascinating that whenever a female posts a picture of herself, all her “spiritual” friends can comment about is how beautiful she is.  Some may add the word “goddess” as if that somehow makes it a less superficial comment.

I saw a post today from a creative and truly spiritual woman who shares her beautiful energy in the form of inspired living art. She posted a selfie of her in her workshop and letting people know she would be sharing messages later in the day. Every single comment was about how beautiful she is.  

Now, don’t get me wrong… she IS very beautiful.

And don’t get me wrong… I know that being a woman in this world means that you will be judged by your physicality, and hearing that you look good does make you feel good.

And don’t get me wrong… I know that all these comments are meant to uplift and encourage and empower.

BUT…..  they don’t empower. They demean.  Not a single comment from these “friends” talked about her beautiful energy, the light she shines on the world, or the amazing creations she works so hard on so people can share and heal.  Not a single comment mentioned looking forward to hearing the wisdom she would later be sharing.

Every. Single. Comment. was about how she looked.

And ironically, though not surprisingly, only 2 of that long list of comments was from a male.

When the first thing out of your mouth to another person is a comment on their physical appearance, then you are objectifying that person.

When will the so-called spiritual community start paying attention to the Divine within all of us instead of the outer shells we wear?

How often do YOU rail against the objectification of women and yet are guilty of it yourself?  Do you even realize that you are doing it?  Probably not, because it is so insidiously woven into the fabric of our society, that we think it’s ok comment on someone’s physical appearance without any mention of their great energy, or how good they make you feel, or how their smile lights up a room.

NO…. we look at their clothes, their hair, their makeup, and then tell them how good they look.

And again, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with looking good or telling someone they look good.  What I am saying, though, is that sometimes you just might want to look a little deeper.


P.S. Namaste is the recognition of the divinity in another.  Stop using the word if all you mean is hello or goodbye.  It is a blessing… an honoring… please use it correctly: i.e. with intention.