#SpiritualBS : “If it doesn’t come easy, it wasn’t meant to be.”

#SpiritualBS : “If it doesn’t come easy, it wasn’t meant to be.”
This is a very common teaching among many spiritual teachers. It is simply (generally speaking) wrong.
The EASE that spiritual MASTERS speak of is ease of heart, ease of mind and ease of soul. Buddha sat for EIGHT YEARS under the bodhi tree before finding enlightenment. Do you really think that was easy? Christ was HUNG FROM A CROSS as his reward for trying to bring love into the world. Was THAT easy? It took Michael Jordan SEVEN YEARS to win a championship ring. Ya think that was easy? It took women in the U.S. almost EIGHTY YEARS of fighting just to earn the right to vote. Yeah… that was easy, right?
No. It wasn’t easy. But each of these masters knew in their heart and soul that what they were doing was the right thing, their “soul contract”, and that their goals were, in fact, MEANT TO BE… IF they didn’t give up.
Yes, sometimes the things OF THE PHYSICAL WORLD that we desire come to us with ease. In those times it absolutely seems like magic and obviously it was “meant to be”. (Ask me some time to tell the story of how I was able to move across the country in 6 weeks when I was completely broke instead of the expected 6 years… MAGIC).
When you want something and it isn’t coming easily, please don’t pretend you are being spiritual by saying “it isn’t meant to be” and then quitting. Look DEEEEEEP into your heart and soul and ask if it is worth the struggle to achieve your goal. If it’s a big goal, it is very very very likely it will NOT be easy. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t meant to be.
If it’s not worth the struggle to you, then absolutely let it go with love, honor and gratitude that you are now free of it and can move on to something else. But don’t lie to yourself that it isn’t meant to be. It simply isn’t worth the effort. For you. At this time. And that’s cool.