Spiritual Manifesting: FAIL

Image resultIs the Law of Attraction/Manifesting not working for you?  Would you like to know why?

The answer is actually quite simple, but may seem incredibly complicated at the same time.  Y’know… like most of our spiritual lessons:  Simple when you get it, but crazy complex when you don’t.

When you begin to awaken, you become aware of an entirely new paradigm and perspective of the Truth in the world. But until you become a fully awakened Master, you are most likely still struggling with the balance between the spiritual and physical worlds.  They still seem very separate, even though you know there is no separation.

So you use the Law of Attraction (LOA) to manifest that new job, car, partner, etc., but it doesn’t seem to work.  You can get that parking space easily. You can manifest the best seat in the restaurant without any waiting. You can even make $50 appear seemingly out of thin air.  But anything bigger than that, and it’s hit or miss, with mostly misses.

The reason is simple: Conflict of Interest.

What?, you say. If I want something, and I put my order out to the Universe, how is that a conflict?

Simple.  Your higher awareness, your enlightened self, your spiritually awakened soul doesn’t need or want anything.

Your human, physical self may want a lot of stuff, but your higher self really couldn’t care less.  Our higher selves are only interested in our soul’s growth, and that comes through challenges and new perspectives.  Getting whatever you want, whenever you want, is not usually in your highest and best interest.

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Our physical selves DO want stuff.  And isn’t that part of our spiritual growth?  Yes and no.

  • Being upset that we haven’t mastered the laws of the Universe is NOT part of our spiritual growth. Mastering the laws of the Universe is.
  • Wanting stuff isn’t. Mastering the wanting is.
  • The lack mentality that drives us to want more is not part of our spiritual growth. Knowing we lack nothing and wanting stuff for the experience of having it is.

So the next time you want to manifest something:

  1. First make sure it’s in alignment with your spiritual growth and your (and everyone’s) highest good.
  2. Then recognize that you don’t need it, because you don’t need anything, because everything you want and everything you need is already yours for the receiving.
  3. Then recognize that it’s OK to want something in your physical world, regardless of how big, how outlandish, or how ostentatious it may be.
  4. NOW, when you put in your order to the Universe, the Universe will respond with: I’ll have that to you ASAP.
  5. Realize that As Soon As Possible may not fit the timeline you had in mind. But know that it is done anyway. Let go of the wanting and wishing, and TAKE THE PHYSICAL WORLD ACTIONS REQUIRED to create the space for the manifestation to occur.

It really is that simple. And that complex.

I love you.