Rock and Roll Oracle™ Classic Rock Edition

44 Cards w/Guidebook


Spiritual Guidance through music! These cards bring joy. The song titles are recognizable to several generations of people and just seeing them immediately sparks the joy of remembrance of the great feelings we all get from music. These are real-world guidance cards. There may be some people, both on and off the spiritual path, who don’t necessarily connect with Angels, Fairies, etc. Everyone connects with music and classic rock songs have been an embedded part of the worldwide culture for over 40 years and the spiritual messages you can receive using these cards are deep and sincere. Yes, they’re darn fun, but don’t underestimate their true power.

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With the Rock N Roll oracle deck, David gives a fresh new concept to modern day readings. It has opened doors to those who would have never given a “new age” deck a fair chance. I have used the deck for my personal readings, as well as my 2 boys (good luck letting a teenage boy to let you use fairy cards on them). The deck is brilliant and uses concepts we all know and love, incorporating your everyday music to help you identify with your reading. Who doesn’t love music!
Leslie Warren
Hi David, Love the R&R Oracle so much. I’ve used it many times and have gotten some great readings from the deck. In my experience, the deck is very accurate. I think it would be great to have a Heavy Metal edition next. Keep up the great work.
Rock on!
Laurie Catlin
I think these may become the first cards I reach for. ♥
Evelyn Watt, Perth, Western Australia 

I have been dealing with a sort of personal dilemma lately and was unsure exactly what I should or could do. I have had many ideas and “game plans” about it but I was still in a bit of a holding pattern. Kind of a stalemate or “just wait and see what happens” attitude. Well, I’m not very good of keeping that sort of attitude. I also have some divinatory talents and figured, why not put them to use? So I did but in a roundabout way. See, I have this great little deck of cards called the Rock and Roll Oracle. Each card is based on a classic rock song. I love classic rock hence the reason for purchasing the deck. I have heard all of the songs n the deck but there were a handful I wasn’t really strongly familiar with. Therefore, I created a playlist on my MP3 player so I could listen to them whenever I wanted to. Music playing in the background or while I drive a great way to cement the words and feelings emitted by the music into my subconscious.
Well, I am a busy person and decided to not only consult this oracle deck but to do it in a bit of a different way – I would utilize the playlist. I had my MP3 player set on shuffle, chose a song to listen to and began my shower. As I held the MP3 player and the song I selected was playing, I asked my question hoping the Shuffle would choose three “cards” accordingly for my “reading”. The “cards” chosen:
The Problem: “Long-Distance Runaround” (Deception)
How I feel: “Free Bird” (True Self)
The Solution: “Light My Fire” (Passion)
All I could think was “Oh my gawd! How appropriate!” Seriously, I was amazed and I am going to follow the advice in the cards. I am going to allow that spark of an idea I have to grow into a flame – and let my free bird fly!

ladyscar/Amie Fournier-Flather