Locked and unloaded

How tightly are you locked in to the direction you are moving?

Is it hard for you to turn on a dime, change direction, choose something different?

So I’m back in songwriting mode. I’ve got dozens (or more) snippets of lyrics floating around, and I decided to pull one out and start working on it. Much of the stuff I wrote (or started to write) years ago is full of angst. While I still tend to default to that angsty space, it’s not really who I am any more.

The problem is that as a creator (artist, builder, human), I never want to change the direction of what I’ve started. After all, it was inspired in that moment from a place deeply connected to my heart and soul. AT THE TIME.

But THAT time is not THIS time. Even if that time was only 10 seconds ago. Just because you are heading in one direction right now, doesn’t mean you can’t course-correct. It doesn’t mean to you can’t make a 180 turn-around. It doesn’t mean you can’t go up, down or sideways instead of just barreling forward when you know you don’t want to head in that direction anymore.

Sometimes it’s jarring to stop on a dime and change direction. We worry about who we might be disappointing (including ourselves) if we do something different than what was expected.

So I took this song that was a poor-poor-me victim song, and am changing it into a much more empowering look at Truth.  I’ve kept some of the angst, because let’s face it… sometimes Truth hurts. You have to ask the hard questions if you want to know the Truth, so I haven’t softened the edges, just made them more poignant and relevant to who and what I am today.

Are you still creating things in your life that are no longer relevant to who you are and who you want to be, just because it would mean changing direction? How will people react? Will they accept the new me? Will my life fall apart as people go running and screaming away from me?

Will I choose a new and better me, or will I stay in the old mold that no longer fits?

Here’s the song:

All The People

by David Rosenhaus
© 2015 David Rosenhaus. All right reserved.

All the people, All the time
Telling you that, all is fine
Then they really start to whine
All the time.

All the people, never free
Can’t accept the god they be
There’s no difference between you and me
They don’t see

I’m just so damn tired of all the lies
No one’s better, no surprise
Find your heart and then revise
All the lies.

All the people, choosing blind
Wrapped in fear, to fate resigned
Afraid of what they just might find
In their mind

All the people, electing fear
Won’t see truth in what they hear
Can’t embrace what they hold dear
Cue the tears.

It’s a wondrous thing to have a choice
Your gift to you of your own voice
Sing out, sing loud, and then rejoice
It’s your choice