Heal thyself

heal_thyselfIt may or may not surprise you to know that most people who are considered “healers” in one way or another (doctors, energy workers, therapists, coaches, teachers, etc) got on that path primarily because they had issues they needed to deal with, and through that process became expert enough to pass those lessons on to others.

I am no exception.

I landed in the path of empowerment because I spent most of my life as a disempowered victim. And, no surprise, it’s still something I struggle with more often than I care to admit (even though I’m admitting it now, haha).

That is why I am so grateful, not only for the tools and techniques I’ve gotten from others, but also for the tools and techniques I’ve created myself.

Many people think that just because someone teaches something, that they no longer have any issues. I’ll have you know that I use a plethora (love that word!) of tools every single day. The old habits of victim and unworthy and self-loathing show up for me every day and I work through them. My quality of life… physical, mental, and emotional… are so much better than they ever were because I use these tools on a daily basis.

I’ve gone through periods where I actually resented using them. Or rather, I resented having the need to use them. But when you get down to it, it’s just like brushing your teeth every day. You have to do it stop cavities and gum disease, and while you can get away without brushing for a day or two, your mouth will feel like crap and the germs will accumulate and if you go long enough without brushing, you’ll find yourself at a very expensive and painful dentist appointment.

Make using all your tools a daily practice and your life will change for the better. YOU are in control of how you feel.

Use your tools and ask for help when you need it. It takes a very strong person to ask for help.

Be strong.

I know you can do it.

Much love,