Get off your spiritual high horse

© Nick Galifianakis

Have you ever noticed that hanging out with certain “new-age spiritual” people is a lot like hanging out with certain people from church or temple? There’s an attitude of “my way is the RIGHT way” and everyone else is misguided if not downright Wrong (with a capital J).

I was brought up sort of Jewish. My bar mitzvah was one of the most emotionally harrowing experiences of my life as I was pushed to choose sides between my mother and father on what was supposed to be the most important religious and personal day of my life. A year later, as I sat in temple for my best friend’s bat mitzvah, I watched her relatives and friends disrespect her (and “G-d”) by talking the entire time during the service. I had thought they were there to support her and celebrate her transition to adulthood, and by doing so get closer to god. Turns out it was just an excuse to get together and socialize.  Just like the “High Holy Days”.

That’s when I decided (at 14 years old) that religion wasn’t for me.

30 years later I found myself on a “spiritual” path. Six years later still, I found myself (mostly) at peace and with a much deeper understanding of things.

The tools I’ve learned to use and the insights I’ve become aware of have allowed me to find a peace that I never knew was possible. They’ve helped me to love myself in a way I never knew was possible.

What they haven’t done is made me better than anyone else.

They’ve given me a way to go about life that works for me better than anything else I’ve ever tried.

What they haven’t done is given me the ONLY way, and maybe not even the BEST way to…. Anything.

The spiritual community is no different than the “muggles”. Yes, we see the magic of the Universe. Yes, we understand that subtle energies affect the things around us.


Most spiritual seekers are looking for a way out of the misery of their lives. And they are still miserable. They throw words like “love” and “Namaste” and “peace” around as if they mean something when they are still filled with hate and envy and jealously and self-loathing.

They talk about the LAW OF ATTRACTION…traction…traction as if they actually know what they are talking about and are scared to admit they have negative thoughts and feelings for fear of attracting the zombie apocalypse into their lives. (Yes, I’m very proud of myself for being able to weave the zombie apocalypse into my rant, not once, but twice!)

Wake-up call, people: some of the most negative, miserable, miserly people have amassed fortunes, and even love, into their lives without ever having a positive thought. And many people who live the purest, most positive lives have been stricken with cancer, murdered, raped, and/or tortured when they’ve never put out a negative thought in their lives.

If you REALLY open (all three of) your eyes, you will see that shit happens. That’s all. Shit happens. It’s not Karma. It’s not punishment. It’s not because you did something wrong. Or right. It just happens.


One of the things that really changes when you wake up is that you are able see the wonder in the horrible. That doesn’t mean you like it. Or condone it. Or support it. It just means that you can see it all for what it is: shit that happens. You can also see the wonder in the good things that happen. Good things don’t happen because of anyone’s deservedness. Bad things don’t happen because of anyone’s deservedness. They. Just. Happen.

Stop making excuses for why things are happening to you.

It’s very simple:

  • You haven’t found your perfect loving relationship because you aren’t willing to have a perfect loving relationship.
  • You aren’t making the money you (say you) want, because you aren’t doing what it takes to make the money you (say you) want.
  • You haven’t found peace in your life because you thrive on the chaos and wouldn’t know what to do with yourself if you were actually at peace.

That’s all.

Do the subtle energies make a difference?  Of course they do. Would you be able to find love faster if you loved yourself? Of course. Would you be able to make more money if you let go of the emotional blocks around it? Of course. Would you be able to have peace in your life if you stopped resisting it? Most definitely.

But none of those blocks, barriers, blahblah are what’s REALLY stopping you.

Long before I got all spiritual, I found love while I still hated myself (twice). I once got a $13,000/year raise when I was lost in poverty mindset.

It wasn’t “being spiritual” that got me those things. It wasn’t yoga, or chanting, or positive thinking. Just like the MILLIONS of people out there who know nothing about any of this spiritual stuff (and don’t care, either) who have abundant, enriching, love-filled lives.

So get off your spiritual high horse and stop Judging people who aren’t “on the path”.  (see, the capital J at the end of the first paragraph wasn’t a typo… do you get it, now???)

I wish you peace.