Crazy Little Thing Called Love

In the wake of such events as yet another school shooting, many people feel lost and powerless. Our emotions drive us to point fingers and lay blame somewhere… anywhere. And we feel helpless to do anything.

We send love and prayer and healing energy and those with pure faith know in their hearts that it helps. For most of us, that faith ain’t quite so pure. The horror of the act, the empathic p ain we feel for everyone affected, make it very difficult to remain pure in heart. Not that those prayers still don’t help, be WE feel that we can and should do so much more.

Well, we can. We can all take real-world, physical world, action. We … Read the rest

A message from Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy works her way up the East Coast of the US, the energy levels – both spiritual and physical – are up super high. I don’t speak about it publicly very much, but I have a very strong connection with nature and especially events of this type. Frankly, I never really know what to do with the information I receive because, up ‘til today, the messages haven’t been “important” enough to share.

Today is different.

I stepped outside this morning to connect with Sandy (and to take the garbage out…). I frankly didn’t wanna do it, because even without connecting fully, the intenseness of the storm’s energy is vibrating through me in a way that is both incredibly … Read the rest

Innocent Intuition

My teabag says, “Our intuition lies in our innocence.”

The truth of this rushed through me like a smooth shot of 21 year old scotch.  It is only in our innocence that we can tap into our intuition, our psychic skills, our connection to all-that-is.  The moment our experiences, our judgments, our cynicism creeps in, we are no longer clear channels for the divine guidance we are all seeking.

This is why so many of us feel the need to ask for help from those around us. Strangers, crooks, shysters… friends, teachers, mentors… children, angels, animals…  Any of these beings can be very useful in helping us navigate the messages, but the true messages… the ones with unadulterated clarity… are … Read the rest

Rock and Roll, Angels, and No More Victimhood

Sometimes it really seems that life sucks.  But it doesn’t. But it does…..

Do you go back and forth about it like I do?  There are so many things I’d like to change about my life and so many things that are amazing.  That’s why you see me talking about empowerment one minute, spirituality and the Rock and Roll Oracle cards and readings the next, and my website business in the next minute.

It seems like I’m just schizophrenic, but really I’m just doing everything I can to create the life I want with the tools I have.

I spent so many years thinking I couldn’t change, and when I realized that I could, I was too scared to do … Read the rest

Go Ahead and Shoot

This past Friday, at a Pathmark less than a mile from where I live, an armored gunman killed two people, then himself. There are so many things that ALMOST connect me to this incident that it’s kind of mind-boggling.

Many people get very scared after these things happen. After the World Trade Center attacks, how many people (were you one of them?) found themselves looking up in the sky in fear every time they heard a plane fly overhead? How many students were afraid to go on campus after any of the many school shootings?

I’m not afraid.

I question this about myself. I’m very good at putting blinders on… at hiding my own emotions from myself. I ask myself … Read the rest