Voices in my head

Whenever you think the Universe is saying yes or no (or not now) to your desires, remember this: YOU are your Universe. The little voices in your head and heart is your higher awareness speaking to you. Really listen to those voices/intuitions and you will see the ‪‎Truth‬ of what’s going on.

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Is Your Spirituality Limiting You?

You’re a spiritual person, right? You know that we are all one and that ego is just an illusion that keeps you limited. You know that anything is possible if you only allow it. Ask and it is given, intend and it is done.


When it works.

And when it doesn’t work, you must be doing something wrong. Right? You aren’t letting go enough, or you’re intention wasn’t strong enough, or the Universe decided it’s just not time. Yet. And you start judging it, until you realize that you’re judging and you judge yourself for judging without realizing you are actually judging and when you do you judge yourself for judging the judgment of yourself. And round and round.… Read the rest

The Spiritual/Energetic Excuse

RealPowerIs...1Are you using spiritual and energetic circumstances as an excuse for faltering or outright failing?

When we first embark on our journeys into the spiritual world, we discover many of the subtler energies of the Universe.

  • We learn that stones and trees and all things have living vibrations that we can actually feel if we pay attention.
  • We learn that our relatives who have passed are still with us and we can actually communicate with them.
  • We learn that planets and their positions can have an effect on our emotional and physical states.

And that’s when the shit hits the fan.

We listen to gems and stones and start getting messages we don’t understand and it throws us into a … Read the rest

Another Piece Of My Heart

Heart_PuzzleToday in meditation I realized just how much certain pieces of my heart have been shattered recently.  In general, I do a very good job practicing the art of detachment and sometimes I actually detach from my own feelings.

One of the biggest messages I’ve been getting (personally and as a global message for everyone) is to BE AUTHENTIC. Yes, many of us want to hang out in the love and light and la-de-da and everything is perfect, but we are all human will always have feelings and emotions and issues and preferences.  Many other people prefer to hang out in the emotions so they can play the victim and cry and complain about how the world has done them … Read the rest

Dazed and Confused

You’re not as confused as you think you are. Is that confusing?

It’s a bit bewildering to realize that we choose confusion over clarity. Even if you think you don’t, you probably do. If you really want clarity in your life you need to recognize that your confusion is bull-dinky. Well, not the confusion actually, but what you think you’re confused about.


For example, you might think you’re confused about what you should be doing in your life… i.e. your “life’s purpose”. That’s always a big question for people (just after “Am I really with -or will I ever find- my twin-flame/life-partner/other-half?”). What you’re REALLY confused about is why everyone else in the world isn’t supporting you in what … Read the rest

As Tears Go By

This week’s song is As Tears Go By. This is actually one of the very first songs Mick and Keith wrote together… reportedly because their manager locked them in a kitchen and forced them to write something. It was originally recorded by Marianne Faithfull. I love that wikipedia shows the genre of the song a Baroque pop.

So let’s see what the Rock and Roll guides have to say about As Tears Go By.

The key phrase in this song is “I sit and watch as tears go by”. So many of us passively watch as our tears, and our lives, go by. There are two ways to do this. One is to be an impartial observer. We can look … Read the rest