Does all this spiritual stuff actually DO anything??

Is the honeymoon over on your spiritual pursuits?  Have you been following some sort of spiritual path for a while and in the beginning everything was OOOH and AAAHHH and THIS IS AWESOME!!! ?  And then “reality” set in and you realized your life was still poo-poo, your relationships hadn’t changed, your job hadn’t changed, and the people around you not only haven’t changed but they look at you like you lost your mind.
And you start asking why you even bother…

vn800Many of you know that I realized a 35 year old dream recently when I bought my first motorcycle. I took my class and got my license last October. Just in time for the winter… so no new … Read the rest

Is Spirituality really just BS?

bull4I’ve been sick lately. Progressively, annoyingly sick. Getting colds every other month, then even more frequently. Robin posted something about it on Facebook and all our spiritual friends came running to the rescue. Take this herb. Try that natural remedy. Strengthen your connection to God/Universe/etc. And many other very well-intentioned suggestions.

I’d already tried them all. Nothing worked.

Finally I did something I haven’t done in probably a dozen years. I went to the doctor. I told him of my recurring bouts with colds and flu-like symptoms. He told me it was allergies. I said, doc… you don’t understand. This isn’t just a stuffy nose. My body hurts, my lungs don’t work. That’s not allergies.

He looked me in the … Read the rest

Aliens and Extra-Terrestrials and Humanoids, Oh My!

laurent-little-green-alienMany people on a “spiritual” path feel like they don’t belong. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve had the experience of feeling like you were born in the wrong time, or maybe even the wrong planet.  The thing people do make no sense. We question why humans work so hard to hurt each other when it’s so obvious that working together and supporting each other is a better way. Many of us feel as if we are literally aliens to this planet. I have felt and thought that as well. After my meditation this morning I thought about being alien and I suddenly knew it didn’t quite feel right. Suddenly all the pieces fell into place about the whole … Read the rest

Locked and unloaded

How tightly are you locked in to the direction you are moving?

Is it hard for you to turn on a dime, change direction, choose something different?

So I’m back in songwriting mode. I’ve got dozens (or more) snippets of lyrics floating around, and I decided to pull one out and start working on it. Much of the stuff I wrote (or started to write) years ago is full of angst. While I still tend to default to that angsty space, it’s not really who I am any more.

The problem is that as a creator (artist, builder, human), I never want to change the direction of what I’ve started. After all, it was inspired in that moment from a … Read the rest

Heal thyself

heal_thyselfIt may or may not surprise you to know that most people who are considered “healers” in one way or another (doctors, energy workers, therapists, coaches, teachers, etc) got on that path primarily because they had issues they needed to deal with, and through that process became expert enough to pass those lessons on to others.

I am no exception.

I landed in the path of empowerment because I spent most of my life as a disempowered victim. And, no surprise, it’s still something I struggle with more often than I care to admit (even though I’m admitting it now, haha).

That is why I am so grateful, not only for the tools and techniques I’ve gotten from others, but … Read the rest

#5 will blow your mind!

happyoldyearI have to say that this year was probably one of the best in my life. It didn’t always feel like it, but as I look back on it, it really was incredible.

As we go through each day trying to make our way, creating accomplishments and forward motion, we often get stuck focusing on the struggle and even when things go well we sort of forget about that or dismiss it as “not good enough” because we’re exhausted from making it happen in the first place.

Most of my victories this year seemed very small to me at the time… but they were really huge.

Here’s some of the things I pulled off this year:

1. I got my … Read the rest