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“Are you ready to live in a world without fear or judgment?”

“Are you ready to live in a world without fear or judgment?”

This is the lead sentence in a current ad for a very well known and popular “Spiritual Teacher”. The problem with this come-on (and the subsequent “let me show you how”), is that it’s misleading, unrealistic, and just downright silly in a pie-in-the-sky kind of way. If you REALLY want to be a TRULY “spiritual” person, meaning ‘awake’, ‘enlightened’, etc., then you must understand that we are human beings and we are designed to survive. We are designed to have fear and judgement. It is what keeps us alive.
Have we taken it to a ridiculous level? Yes.
Do we misunderstand it? Yes.
Should we completely banish it from our lives? Absolutely NOT.
You can play semantic games all you like, but our assessment of our surroundings, experiences, observations, etc necessitate judgement. As sentient living beings we must, by design, JUDGE whether or not we are in danger or safe. It’s that simple (so stop judging it!).
What you really want to do, is get a better handle on UNDERSTANDING your judgments, recognizing WHEN you are judging (and why), and being able to make intelligent, mature, enlightened decisions based on those judgments.
For the most part, you will COME TO recognize that most of the things you are judging have little to no relevance in your life and you are simply reacting in the way you’ve been taught by others. (By “come to” I mean you will get there eventually through work, dedication, and persistence on your path to enlightenment. Don’t PRETEND. This is not the time nor place to “act as if” because in this situation that only camouflages the Truth. Do the work and it will happen.)
If you are willing to actually look at your judgments, feelings, emotional responses, etc., it will open your life to a world of peace and love (and not in some airy-fairy, naive, la-de-da way, but in a very real, tangible, and practical way).
If you are willing to go beyond the looking, and really dig into it, analyse it, play with it, get dirty with it, get jiggy with it, and face that shit head on in a deep and meaningful way (which I can show you how to do, if you’re interested. The first step is to ask.), then you will not only be OPEN to a world of peace and love, you will actually be creating it for yourself and the people around you. Y’know… if you’re into that sort of thing.




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