Aliens and Extra-Terrestrials and Humanoids, Oh My!

laurent-little-green-alienMany people on a “spiritual” path feel like they don’t belong. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve had the experience of feeling like you were born in the wrong time, or maybe even the wrong planet.  The thing people do make no sense. We question why humans work so hard to hurt each other when it’s so obvious that working together and supporting each other is a better way. Many of us feel as if we are literally aliens to this planet. I have felt and thought that as well. After my meditation this morning I thought about being alien and I suddenly knew it didn’t quite feel right. Suddenly all the pieces fell into place about the whole idea.

Think about this (and more importantly, feel into it): Did you ever think you were not human BEFORE someone suggested it to you?  Or, did you read or hear someone “spiritual” say something about how many of us came from other realms or planets to help the Earth and you suddenly thought “YES! I’ve never felt like I belonged and that makes so much sense.”  It just felt right, right?  So you said to yourself that you must be Pleiadian, or Jupitarian, or from some far off galaxy nobody on Earth has ever heard of.

Now think about how that made you feel. First thing is it made you feel less wrong about being “different”. Then it made you feel better than these idiot humans. Both of these feelings are based in the judgment that someone is wrong for being who they are. Well, that doesn’t sound very enlightened, does it?

So where is the disconnect?  Oh, I know! It must be because we are aliens and we feel uncomfortable in this human form so we are having a hard time adjusting.  The most important thing is that we’re not REALLY human so we don’t have to take responsibility for the actions of this crazy species.

Yeah…. now we’re back in judgment. And we KNOW that judgment doesn’t work. We know that’s not the space we want to be coming from. We know that judgment isn’t the love we seek to be and connect with.

And underneath it all, we know that being “alien” separates us from everyone else on the planet.

So what if we aren’t alien at all?  What if we are simply (relatively) more aware of the true oneness of the Universe? What if we have the capacity to connect with other life forms and other energies outside our solar system? What if some of those energies vibrate closer to the Truth we know is Home?  We relate to it. It feels better. It feels more comfortable. So much so that we feel we must be from out there.

Well, if all energy is One, and if we are part of that oneness, then we can absolutely be human and still be connected to the energies from light-years away.  When you look at it like that, it no longer separates you from being human. It no longer makes being human wrong. It simply means that your awareness has expanded beyond the limited perception of the majority of people.

It also doesn’t mean that the majority of people wrong, either. It means that you aware of their limitations, but that also you are aware of your own. So even if you disagree with what those damn humans are doing to the planet and each other, it is simply because your awareness has a wider scope. But you ain’t no better than them. You’ve made mistakes, too. And you still do. And you know that underneath it all, the excuse that you aren’t of this world doesn’t hold up. You cannot be awakened, aware, tapped in, turned on, and conscious if you are separate.

We are all one. Your spirit chose to inhabit human form, just as is the case with every other human. Being able to connect with other-worldly energies is pretty cool. I very much enjoy it myself. Just don’t deny the Truth of who and what you are: Universal Spirit in Human Form.

Yes, you are different. But only because you are exactly the same.

And that is why I love you.