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David Rosenhaus

David and Angel
At peace with our power
(and highly amused!)

why-be-normalI used to have a button that said “Why Be Normal”. I wore it upside down.

Are you willing to be different? Are you willing to be YOU?

Are you in search of…. what? More Freedom? More Fun? More Funds?


You’ve come to the right place. I’ve been there. I know what it feels like.  I’ve stood on the bridge ready to jump (literally!). I’ve been lost and found and lost again.  I’ve struggled, I’ve cried. I’ve won and I’ve lost. What YOU feel, I have felt. And I found the way… many ways… to make life fun, blissful, peaceful, and most importantly POWERFUL. I have amazing super-powers (and YOU DO, TOO!).  How did I find them, develop them, and learn to use them in my day-to-day life? Browse through the site and you’ll see many tools and new perspectives you can use. YOU10 POWER COACHING can change your life. CLICK HERE for a free consultation.   With Peace, Love, and Understanding ROCK ON! David

David RosenhausDavid Rosenhaus is the Spiritual Mentor and Empowerment Specialist who created the YOU to the 10th POWER™ empowerment workshops and the Rock and Roll Oracle™ card series. He is also a published author and produced screenwriter and playwright. David is dedicated to contributing to positive changes in perception and spirituality around the world.